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Fundraiser Opportunities

(There is no charge or set-up fee; a portion of the proceeds will be donated to your cause, and a minimum of 30 photos must be taken)

Would you like to sponsor a fundraiser event photographer for your fundraiser events? I have a professional "INSTANT" digital photography set up that has proved successful for many churches and organizations over the years!

*We Use professional assistants, professional equipment & lighting, and deliver a professional product. We arrive on time, and set up professional backgrounds (there are many to choose from), and provide your customers with vibrant, instant color portraits and Keychains.

What We Offer

We offer "instant: 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 color photographs complete with a deluxe folder --- all right on the spot! No waiting for mailings, etc.

We even provide instant color keychains!

I would love to provide memorable and lasting keepsakes for your guests at your event.


Make it easier for you to get your $$ up-front! Simply incorporate the cost of a 4x6 color print into your ticket price - and give each customer a small ticket to hand to the photographer -- ask us how this is the best option!

The Cost

A 4x6 color photo in a deluxe frame - ranges between $15 -$25, depending on how much you want to make for your fundraiser.

*Your Group/Non-profit receives a percentage from each photo taken. Note: (a minimum of 30 photographs must be taken)

All I need is a corner - - May I be of service to you?

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